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Backed by unparalleled expertise as followed and delivered in professional international recruitment agency principles, we have with our deep understanding of international manpower recruitment services and help in providing comprehensive HR services as well as recruitment solutions to maximize clients' manpower potential. With the possibility of the hunt for quality talent also requiring overseas recruitment of skills, we were a global organization have also placed job seekers in international regions of – We provide a wide range of Recruitment Consultancy services designed to support your organization's success.

•EU   •Ireland  •Middle East  •Pakistan  •UK

Other than providing immigration advice that is part of recruitment package to prospective and current clients, some of the other value-added services offered by us are:

Employment/Manpower Consultancy

•Once a potential candidate is identified, next step is selection test (oral or practical) taken by the employer or his authorized representative

•In case we are entrusted with selection & testing of a prospective employee, we conduct the procedure through taking the support of a panel of experts for Aviation, Travel, Tourism, Hospitality professional categories

•This procedure is followed under the direct supervision of our professional executives.

TRCTI Consultants is an international

Recruitment consultancy

That maintain high professional standards to cater the recruitment and employment needs of globally. There are immense employment opportunities available in Ireland, UK, UAE, Pakistan, EU and with the dedicated team support of TRCTI recruitment services, TRCTI division of IBMC create business opportunities and utilize advanced industrial support to deliver the desired results.

TRCTI :Permanent placements 
TRCTI :Contract placements

It takes people—good, reliable people—to run a successful business. Finding the right people for your business takes resources, contacts and time that you may not have to spare. 

The people at TRCTI  offer you insightful, responsive, personalized service that you can only get from a boutique firm along with valuable tools and resources that you'd expect from a larger organization. 

TRCTI  is committed to the companies and candidates that we service, offering direct placement or contract placements and contract to perm staffing. 

Managed Team Services (MTS) TRCTI  Managed Team Services offer a ready-made team of specialists who can be fully integrated into your project from day one. At TRCTI, are determined to support our clients in achieving their business goals, increase business efficiencies and gain a competitive edge in the market. 

TRCTI  understand that not all projects are the same. MTS can help when the right expertise is not available from within your organization at the required time. Whether you want to develop the customized application, we provide/mobilize a group of qualified and proficient software engineers who will go through a well-defined software development process starting from business requirement analysis to successful completion and deployment of the software solution. We share the management of your IT project, acquiring resources and directing them based on your priorities and goals. 

TRCTI  provide a complete team and the right resources to plan, design, build and test the applications following a thorough quality standard check so as to incorporate them into your business processes and system environment immaculately. 

- Fast and efficient assembly and disassembly of teams.        
- Cost effective - it implies the reduction of management overhead.- Optimized usage of highly skilled, experienced and expensive resources.   Regular updates and reporting as per your need and method.- On-site /nearshore/hybrid delivery models. 


Why choose us?

High Strike Rate: High strike rate even in the most complex resource needs 
Deep Domain & Technical Knowledge. Global Footprint. Global footprint through the extended partner network 
Rapid Response with Profile Accuracy. Distinct and Time-tested Process. Personalised Services

TRCTI is fully committed towards sourcing and engaging a batch of highly qualified and skilled personnel.

TRCTI specialists in hospitality management recruitment, widely used and trusted across the sector. TRCTI team is made up of Experience Consultants from within the casual and premium dining sectors. TRCTI know the market, speak your language and can locate and handpick precisely the person you’re looking for.

Our Local & international Recruitment Services comprises:

Sourcing –

With excellent networking and sound data bank of potential candidates from various categories, we have complete access to a large number of job seekers.

Screening, Selecting and Short Listing –

TRCTI is well versed in business operations and industrial requirements of assorted sectors that allow us to conduct screening tests of potential candidates in a highly professional manner. With due assistance from industry specialists and HR professionals, we are able to conduct selection rounds, handle choosing of right candidate for the vacancy as well as help in saving significant time at your end.

Arranging for Schedule Interviewing –

After shortlisting of the candidate at our end, we conduct the interview as per the mutual convenience of both the parties. Here, all arrangements relating to ticketing, traveling and accommodation are also taken care of by, thus ensuring candidate reaches the place, anywhere in the subcontinent, on time.

Other HR consultant Related Services –

The other HR consultant related services provided by us are with the proper insight into various angles of organization and employee behavior.

Our strength is our teams. Their collected knowledge base and expertise in diverse fields have enabled us to provide strategic support to our clients, TRCTI partner with you to solve your short-term and long-term business purposes. Once we understand your requirement we can source the professionals with the right skill set, ability, attitude and commitment to support you achieve your company objectives

Being a leading Top placement consultant in Internationally TRCTI the best understands your recruitment requirements and provide targeted solutions with your best interests at heart. Ace is one of the most trusted providers of placement consultant in your region and TRCTI is the first choice Recruitment consultancy in your region for many fortune clients.

TRCTI meet the requirements of our clients who need unskilled, semi-skilled and highly skilled professionals to be deployed across the world to execute projects within desired deadlines.

TRCTI client relationships are informed by trust, discretion, and confidentiality. TRCTI is absolutely focused on, and dedicated to, the long-term success of our clients without compromising the careers of our candidates.


Aviation, Hospitality, Tourism, General Trade

TRCTI works with Aviation Subcontractors Asian/India Restaurants, small, Medium Hotels, Bars and Other Events, Catering providers to support and grow the above, Events, Tourism, Aviation, Hospitality industry.

 TRCTI is the trusted Consultant in temporary and permanent above all including Hospitality recruitment, provide in-depth knowledge of the ever-evolving Aviation, Hospitality, Tourism, General Trade industry and cost-effective recruitment solutions and training across all Aviation, Hospitality, Tourism, General Trade sectors.

Our clients represent a broad range of aviation, Hospitality, Tourism, General Trade professionals of varying sizes – from Small/Medium Hotel groups and Restaurants to small bespoke businesses. No matter what aviation, Hospitality, Tourism, General Trade sector you specialize in or what solution you need, TRCTI ’ll strive to help you run your business as seamlessly as possible.


TRCTI believe that candidates are clients too, and we treat you as such.

Registering with Korn Ferry shortens the time to get your qualifications in front of our global network of executive and professional - those who handle searches leading up to the executive level - search consultants and allows you to apply for positions through TRCTI Opportunities, where we advertise available positions by region, job category and keyword to find the perfect opportunity for you.

Through TRCTI's executive and professional search candidate portals, you can easily build and manage a confidential resume and be entered into our worldwide database. As you progress in your career, you can return to update and maintain your background information.

Please register your executive search credentials now. 


If you are a senior executive looking for a new position, we invite you to register on our executive search candidates site.


If you are a senior executive looking for a new position, we invite you to register on our executive

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To improve your CV strength, the following tips

should be helpful:

  •  Work Experience: Describe your work experiences in detail - try to explain your role with information about your responsibilities, projects, initiatives, achievements, etc. If you are a fresh graduate or a student, include internships and/or professional projects in your work experience

 Education: Ensure that you have provided information about your highest level of education. It is recommended to list other education details as well

 Further Information: If you have certifications and skills, please provide complete and up-to-date information. List all languages you know as this can be useful information for the employers' main activity of the company who you report to (the position of your direct manager) Who you manage your responsibilities in the job Your main achievements in the job

Wherever possible, you should include ‘numbers’ and quantities in the job descriptions e.g. how many people you managed, how many clients you handled, how much revenue you generated and over what period of time, etc.

   Is my CV strength related to my seniority or reputation of my previous employers? 

No, your CV strength will never depend upon your seniority, reputation of your previous work experiences or any other such parameters. It depends on how much detailed information you provide about your education, certification, current and previous work experience.

 How to sell your self    


To save you time and effort, we have put together some hints and tips on how to approach the interview process and technique.

If you don’t feel like a natural at interviewing or if you have been working for the same company for years and your interview skills are a little rusty, then the following article may be helpful. Below are several tips that our consultants share with job seekers in order to help them secure their next great role.


One of the key chances to sell yourself and make a strong first impression is within your achievements section on your CV. We see many individuals missing a trick by only including a single sentence to describe their previous role. Make sure you highlight your key improvements, projects, deals or initiatives you have achieved. If you can include specific figures – it’s even better. Once they are on your CV, make sure you are prepared to share them in an interview in greater detail.

Be flexible

We see individuals miss out on opportunities because they were not flexible when trying to secure a time for an interview. Usually, an employer will be aiming to recruit within a specific timeframe. If an employer is willing to come into work early or meet in the evening, it is best to try and meet them halfway and be as flexible as you can.

CV on hand

Recruitment timescales can often move quite quickly, even more so in smaller companies. So make sure you have an up-to-date CV to hand, ready to send to your recruitment consultant. Before you send the cv over, ensure that the layout is clear, your roles and achievements are included and you have asked someone else to check for any spelling or grammatical errors.

Date of birth

The Equality Act 2010 makes it unlawful to discriminate against employees, job seekers and trainees because of their age. If you are applying for a role in the UK, then there is no need to include your date of birth on your CV. However, if you live outside the UK, in the Middle East for example, then including your date of birth would be expected. Ask your recruiter what is expected in the country you are targeting if you are unsure.


When it comes to interviewing, you should convey your enthusiasm for both the company and the role. Remember that communication is more than just words. Despite any feelings of anxiety, you may have, remember to smile and think about your vocal variety.


The reality is that you may not immediately be offered a role after your first interview. After every interview you attend, ask for honest feedback. It may be uncomfortable to hear but this is the only way you can improve your next interview performance. It is also helpful to give the feedback on your interview experience to your consultant, ideally within the first few hours after your interview, so your memories are fresh!

Goal Setting

Have a goal in mind of what you want the interviewer to think and feel about you by the end of your interview. This will give your answers a lot more focus and will remind you to consider how you deliver your answers.


At Cobalt Recruitment, we believe in honesty. If you are going to find an employer that truly is a good match for you, then you need to be clear about what is important to you in your next role. Consultancy or client side? Standalone role or working within a team? What kind of environment would allow you to flourish? The end result will be far more rewarding.

IT skills

If you have experience of using computer programs, such as Excel, Circle Investor, BIM, Candy or Cato, then make sure you include this within your CV. Sometimes this can stand you ahead of the competition.

Job boards are not the only answer

Although job boards are an excellent source to view potential roles, they are not a complete representation of all roles available on the market. Due to budget restraints, it may well be the case that you are not accessing all potential roles available via an agency on a job board, so it is worthwhile registering your details with an agency even if you don’t see a role advertised that is the perfect fit for you.

Keep it realistic

Be realistic about your qualifications and experience. You may think you can do a role, but it is not wise to claim experience as one of your core skills. Being a member of a project team does not necessarily make you a Project Manager, for example. Work out your core strengths and focus on them.

Look the part

Those first few moments at the start of an interview matter more than you may think. Make sure that you make an effort to look smart and professional. Allow yourself plenty of time to get ready and avoid giving your potential employer the wrong impression. Dirty shoes, chipped nail varnish, a poorly ironed shirt can all be avoided.


Job hunting takes perseverance and you may encounter some knock backs along the way. A lack of response from a job application doesn’t necessarily mean it is bad news. In reality, some roles receive over 100 applications so it takes time for a recruiter to shortlist and respond to these applications. Try to stay positive and keep motivated with your job search.

Name your CV

Distinguish your cv from the 100+ other applications the hiring manager receives each day. Use your name and the role title you are applying for. John_Smith_Property_Manager.doc).


If you prepare for your interviews, you will feel more relaxed and you will give a stronger performance. Make sure you have researched the company website beforehand so you are aware of any recent news stories and projects. Be ready with examples to demonstrate key competencies that are within the job specification and consider your answers to the most commonly asked questions.


Make sure you are armed with some key questions to ask at the end of your interview. It is good to prepare 5-6 questions, as you may well find that some have already been answered throughout the course of the interview. If you can include a few specific questions tailored to that company to demonstrate that you have done your research – that is a plus.

Reason for your move

One of the most commonly asked questions at interview will be ‘Why are you looking for a new role’? Make sure you have prepared a positive answer to this question. You may have disliked your boss in the past – but during an interview is not the time to share this. You may want to earn more money or work fewer hours but employers won’t be excited by this response!

Salary expectations

It is sensible to be realistic about your salary expectations. If you are told from the outset what the salary for the role will be, don’t assume that you will be able to negotiate a higher salary should you be made an offer. This will only serve to antagonize the employer and there are plenty of people looking for new roles, so clients will often have eager backup candidates who would happily accept the role in your place.

Timing is everything

It may sound obvious but don’t be late! Plan your route in advance and you leave early enough to allow for any delays. Arriving late will never leave a good impression. Make sure you have made a note of your recruitment consultant’s number before you set off in case you do face any severe problems on route to your interview.

Send your CV

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